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Every expectant mother hopes the birth of their child occurs with no complications. An easy pregnancy with a complication-free labour that runs according to schedule would be the ideal situation, but sometimes labour needs to be induced if the due date has passed. If the pregnancy has been uncomplicated yet labour is 7-10 days past the due date, then medical professionals will typically induce labour using conventional medical methods. However pregnancy acupuncture is gaining popularity among Melbourne women with uncomplicated pregnancies. If you’re seeking acupuncture to induce labour or seeking help for a breech baby, our Melbourne acupuncture clinic can provide trusted assistance.


When Should I Consider Pregnancy Acupuncture for Inducing Labour?

Based on a standard 38 week pregnancy term, a practitioner may suggest you make an appointment for a consultation around the 30 to 34 week mark in order to prepare for a complication-free labour. Pregnancy acupuncture is always preferable in this period compared to late term treatment as there is a reduced risk of difficulties, particularly as the child continues to grow and get heavier.

How many sessions and how long it takes to begin feeling the effects cannot be quantified with a straightforward answer, as every expectant mother’s body is different. Some may begin to feel the effects after a day, while others may take a week. For the same reason, we cannot prescribe a certain number of sessions of acupuncture for labour.

What are some Acupuncture Points for Inducing Labour

There are 12 key acupoints in the body that can be used to perform acupuncture for labour. Acupuncture and acupressure can both be applied to these targeted areas to relieve stress and pain, maintain the energy flow throughout the body, clear away any blockages found in the body, and stimulate the release of endorphins as a natural pain killer.

5 Acupuncture points for inducing labour are:

1. Spleen 6 Point (Sanyinjiao) – Helps reduce labour and alleviates pain
2. Pericardium 8 Point (JLaogng) – Helpful in inducing labour
3. Bladder 32 Point (Ciliao) – Renowned for instigating labour contractions and helping to treat select gynaecological issues
4. Bladder 67 Point (Zhiyin) – Helps turn breech babies back to correct position, stimulate uterine contractions and induce labour
5. Large intestine 4 Point (Hoku) – Informally known as the Joining Valley, this acupoint is triggered to stimulate and support the labour process by promoting more efficient contractions

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