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Acupuncture Pregnancy Support

The use of acupuncture during pregnancy has been used for centuries to assist with pregnancy nausea relief and reduce pregnancy related aches and pains. At Melbourne Acupuncture Wellness, we offer women in Melbourne pregnancy acupuncture services to provide support during one of the most monumental times in a woman’s life.

How Acupuncture May Help During Pregnancy

Undergoing prenatal acupuncture may support a women’s health by alleviating pregnancy related musculoskeletal pain, providing relief from nausea and morning sickness, and reducing stress.

When Should I Consider Pregnancy Acupuncture?

Based on a standard 38 week pregnancy term, a practitioner may suggest acupuncture at any stage of the pregnancy up to the 30 to 34 week mark. Pregnancy acupuncture is not recommended for late term treatment, as there is a reduced risk of difficulties, particularly as the child continues to grow and get heavier.

How many sessions and how long it takes to begin feeling the effects cannot be quantified with a straightforward answer, as every expectant mother’s body is different. For the same reason, we cannot prescribe a certain number of sessions of acupuncture.

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