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Traditional Chinese Medicine Cupping Therapy

One form of Traditional Chinese Medicine that has experienced a significant rise in profile and popularity over the last 20 years is cupping therapy. This form of alternative medicine involves applying cups to some areas of the body and may assist in management of pain relief. If you’re interested in Chinese cupping therapy in Melbourne, make an appointment with Melbourne Acupuncture and Wellness Centre.

How Does Cupping Work?

Chinese cupping therapy works by applying small cups to the skin to create a vacuum or suction effect on a specifically targeted area. The vacuum will generally be created by heating the air in the cup. The cup may be held in place on the body for up to 15 minutes at a time. Cupping is an optional modality, for the client who may require this, during acupuncture and Chinese Medicine treatments at Melbourne Acupuncture and Wellness Centre.

What Are the Side Effects of Chinese Cupping Therapy?

One of the most obvious and visible side effects of cupping is the large cup size bruises that the treatment can leave behind. Whichever method of cupping therapy you opt for, potential side effects can vary. Other common side effects may include nausea, headaches and muscle soreness.

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