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Stress affects individuals in different ways. For some people it can be easily managed with a quick workout or listening to music. For others, though, it isn’t that simple. For example, for those people who have been diagnosed with anxiety, it’s something they live with every day; not just during times of difficulties.

For those who need extra assistance, Melbourne Acupuncture & Wellness Centre offers Chinese Medicine treatments and acupuncture for stress that may be able to assist with the management of the symptoms of stress and anxiety. Whether you’re seeking acupuncture for anxiety in Melbourne or acupuncture for stress and anxiety relief, enquire at our centre today to find out if we can help you.

How It Works

In Traditional Chinese Medicine, it’s believed that everyone has an energy force within them called Qi. A person’s Qi monitors their overall body health, moving through the entire body. When unexpected incidents like illness or injury interrupt the natural Qi flow, further health issues may arise. By placing acupuncture needles at specific points in the body, the body’s Qi balance can be reinstated. The insertion of the needles, often just half a millimetre away from a nerve, may inhibit the production of hormones that can lead to stress and anxiety. One of the biggest benefits of acupuncture for stress and anxiety is that it’s a drug-free treatment, meaning it shouldn’t lead to side effects such as nausea, fatigue or loss of sexual desire.

Can Acupuncture Help Anxiety?

If you’re wondering “does acupuncture work for anxiety?”, the answer will depend on your personal circumstances. Acupuncture for stress and anxiety relief can help to manage the symptoms of anxiety by targeting certain acupuncture points for anxiety, but it may not help every individual.

Can Acupuncture Help with Stress?

Acupuncture for stress relief may help to manage the physical symptoms that can manifest as a result of stress, including tense muscles and headaches. The effectiveness of acupuncture for stress management may vary from one individual to another.

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Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine is recommended as an adjunct treatment to conventional Western Medicine treatments. If you’d like to find out more about acupuncture for stress and anxiety related concerns, call Melbourne Acupuncture & Wellness Centre today on 0415 561 277.

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