Acupuncture Post Natal Melbourne

Postnatal Acupuncture for New Mothers

One of the most important things you can do for your body after giving birth is give it time to adjust and recover from being in labour. In an ideal world, a new mother would have 30 days of rest, allowing her body to find the balance it needs and reducing the likelihood of health issues arising. Postnatal acupuncture helps to nourish the body and restore it back to optimal health. Melbourne Acupuncture Wellness is a Melbourne acupuncture clinic providing postnatal acupuncture and post natal massage in Melbourne. If you’re looking to achieve optimal health and vitality after giving birth, make an appointment with us today.

How Acupuncture Can be of Benefit for Postnatal Women

New mothers can often make the mistake of paying so much attention to the health and wellness of their newborn child that they neglect to look after their own health and wellness. And when a child is so reliant upon their mother, it’s crucial that she looks after herself as much as possible. The combination of nutrition, exercise and natural therapies like Traditional Chinese Medicine, post-natal massage and acupuncture can help women get their minds and bodies back into optimal condition, enabling them to better look after their children.

Restore Your Health and Vitality

Practitioner Farzaneh Ghaffari provides soothing postnatal massage and acupuncture for post natal women in Melbourne, helping new mothers to alleviate unwanted pain and restore their health and wellness so they can better take on their day to day duties. Contact us today if you would like to make an appointment.

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