Acupuncture For Depression Melbourne

Acupuncture for Depression

Our acupuncture clinic based in North Melbourne offers acupuncture that may be able to alleviate depression that’s a symptom of chronic pain. In combination with conventional treatment options such as therapy and anti-depressant medication, acupuncture treatment and Traditional Chinese Medicine may reduce pain that leads to depression.

How Does Acupuncture for Depression Work?

If you’re considering acupuncture for anxiety and depression, it’s important to be aware that the treatment won’t necessarily work for all types of depression. For example, if your depression has been diagnosed as genetically predisposed, it’s unlikely that acupuncture will be a suitable treatment on its own. Acupuncture may be able to assist with depression caused by the underlying symptom of pain, which acupuncture aims to address.

Acupuncture for depression is carried out by placing needles into certain acupressure points, including:

  • Between the shoulder blade and spine, at the same height as the heart
  • On the back of the head, half an inch below the bottom of the skull
  • Governing Vessel 19, Governing Vessel 20, and Governing Vessel 21, all found along the top of the
  • Head, right in the middle of the skull
  • On the face, above the nose and directly between the eyebrows
  • The lower leg, exactly four finger widths below the kneecap.

Acupuncture for Post-Partum Depression

For new mothers that might be experiencing post-partum depression that’s largely caused by pain, acupuncture treatment may help. Giving birth can result in an unsettling of the hormones and chemicals found in the body, which can lead to painful symptoms. Acupuncture aims to reduce pain and ease the symptoms of post-natal depression.

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