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Break Free from Pain with Acupuncture for Pain Relief

From back pain and arthritis to migraines and everything in between, pain is something most of us will experience at some point in our lives. Many people turn to acupuncture in conjunction with conventional Western medicines and treatments to enjoy relief from lasting soreness. Melbourne Acupuncture Wellness is a Melbourne acupuncture clinic that specialises in providing effective acupuncture for pain relief. If conventional pain relief methods haven’t given you the respite you need, make an appointment to try our natural approach to alleviating pain.

How Does Acupuncture for Pain Relief Work?

The three key benefits of acupuncture are pain relief, reduction of inflammation, and restoration of homeostasis in the body. A trained and experienced practitioner of acupuncture for pain relief will insert needles into particular areas of the body known as neural nodes. For example, when administering acupuncture for lower back pain, the best points for the needles are in the flesh between the thumb and finger, in the skin between the second and third toes, on the back directly opposite the belly button, the centre of the crease below the buttock muscles, and also at the centre of the crease in the back of the knees. These points affect the body’s central and peripheral nervous systems, enabling the release of naturally occurring pain relieving chemicals such as endorphins and encephalin.
Acupuncture also helps to enhance the nerve signals to the brain, making them release natural painkillers called opioids. These opioids close off the pain signals and minimise any feelings of pain you may be experiencing, which can also assist with stress and anxiety.

Which Kind of Pain Can Be Relieved with Acupuncture?

Acupuncture can be used as a pain relief method for a vast number of issues. In addition to using acupuncture for back pain, one of the most common complaints, it can also be used for:

  • Neck pain (including whiplash related injuries)
  • Joint pain (shoulder pain is one of the most common)
  • Hip pain
  • Nerve pain
  • Muscle pain (whether sports related or from daily use)
  • Arthritis pain
  • Acute pain (acupuncture can minimise the sensations of sharp, severe pain)
  • Sciatica pain
  • Labour pain
  • Chronic pain

When it comes to how many sessions you will need, it largely depends on the severity and the duration of your soreness. For example, acupuncture for the lower back pain that’s chronic in nature will likely require more sessions than treatment for a one-off muscular injury. The initial consultation will take about an hour, which subsequent treatment sessions going for about 45 minutes. Treatment can also be complemented with Traditional Chinese Medicine.

To find out more about acupuncture for pain relief in Melbourne, contact Melbourne Acupuncture Wellness today.

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